Custom Printed Promotional Items for the Education Industry

Whether your organization is a sponsor for a back-to-school initiative or you are an educational institution with a full event calendar, custom printed promotional items can prove to be an excellent way to encourage a sense of spirit among faculty and student bodies. Schools and other complementary institutions in the education sector can effectively exploit the benefits of attractive branded items that appeal to students and younger target audiences.

Any marketing expert will agree that the young demographic is vital to every promotional plan considering the surge in their capacity to spend. Just the age group between 8 and 21 years is believed to hold the spending power of approximately 2 billion dollars a year.

The education sector is among the high ranking industry verticals that invest regularly in promotional merchandising. Items such as water bottles, sweatshirts, promotional bags and promotional lanyards are a perfect tool to promote loyalty for one’s own institution.

Consider the following figures; every year, there are about 50 million students that are being registered into public elementary and secondary schools all over the United States. In addition to this, private schools enroll over 5 million students. Now take into consideration the reach your promotional merchandising initiative can achieve when your items imprinted with your logo and customized branding are utilized in public by these students and teachers and, on several occasions, even by their family members.

This wide range in target reach makes custom printed promotional items an effective tool for advertising and spreading the intended message for your educational institution. Items such as promotional lanyards not only pose high utility value for students but also provide an effective platform to subtly promote your institution. They can be easily worn around the users’ necks and are useful in school events such as athletic tournaments or for identification purposes while on campus. Promotional merchandising is also extremely effective when your school is initiating fundraisers such as bake sales and car washes to raise money for field trips or sports teams.

Distributing custom printed promotional items such as promotional bags is an excellent way to foster loyalty towards the education institution among existing students as well as alumni. This in turn is believed to have a positive impact on the students’ academic performance as well as on their motivation to represent the school or institute in extracurricular activities.

If planned correctly, the right range of custom printed promotional items is likely to be maintained and displayed by your students with great pride for years to come.

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